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Whether you want to ride with a crew or be part of our administration, we are always looking for volunteers. Find out how to join our team!

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We are funded entirely through private donations. We do not receive any tax dollars from the City of Summit or any other government agency and we do not bill for any services.

Please help us continue our vital service.

Become a Member

Have some time?  Have some desire?  We are always looking for new volunteers to help the community. 

Don’t want to ride in an ambulance?  We need help with administrative functions too! 

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad is always looking for volunteers to join our team.  We have three basic types of membership:  Active membership, Affiliate membership, and Junior membership.  Active members ride on the ambulance and participate in Emergency Medical calls.  Affiliate members assist with the many administrative functions necessary to run the Squad. Junior members are high school students at least sixteen years of age who are accepted into our Junior Program.

Active Members

Volunteers interested in joining the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad to participate on Emergency Calls must first fill out an application and identify times they are available to pull duty on the squad.  After an interview with the Personnel Lieutenant, an applicant may be asked to join the squad.

Once accepted, participants are assigned a crew to ride with and begin probationary training.  New volunteers must receive training in CPR , Squad equipment and procedures, and other classes mandated by the state of New Jersey.  Most of our Active Members go on to get their EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certification.

Affiliate Members

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad recognizes that not everyone may have the inclination to ride on an ambulance and be involved with patients.  We are actively looking for Affiliate Member volunteers to help the many administrative functions necessary to run the squad.  These range from book keeping to order entry to marketing and fund drive assistance, to Information Technology support.  If you have some experience, time, or desire to help, please call us or fill out an application!  We need you!

Junior Members

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad boasts one of the oldest junior programs in the area.  High school students who are Summit residents and at least sixteen years of age are eligible to join the squad and assist in emergency calls. Juniors are expected to attend training sessions, participate in junior meetings and squad activities, and serve on a regularly scheduled crew shifts once each week and a weekend shift once per month.

Each year a new class of juniors is accepted to the squad.  Interviews are conducted in the Spring and incoming juniors may start as soon as they turn 16.

Junior Membership Applications for 2020/2021 will be accepted through March 15, 2020.

Download an application HERE (Adobe PDF).