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Whether you want to ride with a crew or be part of our administration, we are always looking for volunteers. Find out how to join our team!

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We are funded entirely through private donations. We do not receive any tax dollars from the City of Summit or any other government agency and we do not bill for any services.

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About Us

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization providing pre-hospital emergency medical care and transportation.  We render aid and assistance to over 22,000 people in Summit.

Emergency Medical Services are provided at no charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all those in need.  We respond to more than 2,100 emergency calls each year.

The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad is considered a leader in Emergency Medical Services in the region and aids as the back-up response unit for many nearby towns throughout Union, Morris and Essex Counties. In 2017 the Squad responded to 255 mutual aid calls in 10 surrounding towns..

The Squad is run by officers and a Board of Trustees who are elected from among the membership.

The Squad belongs to several organizations which assist us in providing training, gaining access to the current trends and information in the EMS field and help to share information and resources with other emergency services providers. These include:

The First Aid Squad also has also served as a training site for programs from:


2017 Response Statistics

9-1-1 Emergencies 2,155
Transportation 26
Event Standby 36
TOTAL 2182


In 2017 the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad answered a total of 2,182 calls for help.  Of these, 2,155 were emergencies, 26 were pre-arranged transportations, and 36 were as standby services at fire scenes and special events in town.   Over 100 different volunteer members responded to these calls throughout the year putting 7,659 miles across our three ambulances and our first response vehicle.

We have consistently answred 2,000 or more calls for help each year. for the past several years.

We also provide mutual aid to surrounding communities to assist them when they are unable to answer an emergency call, and occasionally receive such help from surrounding communities when it is necessary in Summit.  In 2017 the Squad was able to assist 10 different neighboring towns a total of 255 times, and increase over 2016 of 13 calls.  This level of assistance is a direct reflection of our healthy membership and dedication of our many volunteers.